Home Mold Inspections

We specialize in Mold and Moisture Inspections along with testing and Lab work from a 3rd Party Certified Lab. Mold can’t always be smelled and viewed but it may be there waiting for your family.

 We have tested properties that were Remolded and Smelled of fresh paint and carpeting. However, past water or moisture issues were not Re mediated correctly and the Testing showed the results. It is prudent to perform Testing while having the Inspection done to Save money.

We also offer Mold Inspection and Testing as a Stand along service for those how have already purchased a Sick home, live in an Unhealthy Rental property, or are looking for answers to being sick more then often. Some people are looking for answers and this is part of their check off list. A Peace of Mind, test.

We spend around 90% of our time indoors. The EPA states that Indoor Air Quality can be 5 times or 500% worse then outdoor air.

We inspection for Cause and Effect and teach our clients how to improve their indoor air quality.

Radon Testing


How does Radon Gas get into my clients’ homes?

Think of radon like a Spirit that’s trying to break into your home – it can enter through multiple routes (and most often, the basement). Common entry routes include floor joints, cracks in concrete slabs, gaps around pipes and electrical outlets, and exposed soil in crawl spaces. As uranium decays, it emits radioactive radon particles that can float up into the air and enter the home.

I’ve never heard that there are high radon levels in my area. Should I still be concerned?

Absolutely. Radon is everywhere, and it’s entirely possible for radon to build up in your home, even if there aren’t high levels of radon in your area or neighbors house.

What’s an unsafe radon level?

Radon is measured in pico Curies per Liter (pCi/L). The average indoor radon level is 1.2 pCi/L. A level of or above 4 pCi/L is the agreed upon risk level that necessitates radon remediation (the EPA recommends that homeowners even consider remediation if their levels are between 2-4 pCi/L).

What should I Know?

The EPA recommends that all houses be tested for radon levels during the point of sale. In most cases, the buyer will request the radon test results from the seller as part of the home inspection. Sellers, however, may conduct radon testing before listing their home for sale. In that case, the seller will reveal test levels on the house disclosure form.

What does radon testing look like?

During the real estate transaction, most buyers hire a Home Inspector that is certified in radon measurement to perform the testing. There are two kinds of tests to measure radon levels in your home – short term tests, which take about 48 hours, and longer-term tests, which can take several months. Real Estate transactions are on a tight time frame so a 48-72 hour test is needed.

How often should a home be tested?

The EPA recommends that homes are tested every two years.

 Is Radon Remediation expensive?

The average cost of remediation is $1,400. It is prudent for the Buyer to hire their own Remediation Company to make sure they get the Best system available.

The Radon test starts at the beginning of the Inspection and 48-72 hours later the Inspector comes back to pick up the machine. The report is ready at time of pick-up. During the Inspection all windows must to left closed and the machine is not to be moved. The machines we use have sensors to make sure this doesn’t happen.

Inspection For Properties

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Exterior and Roof Inspections completed with Professional Drones.

 Welcome to an Improved way to inspect the exterior and roofs of properties. Walking on any roof can damage the roof covering, plus it is very unsafe. With a high quality Drone that has an HD camera inspections offer greater detail into the condition of properties. We are FAA  Part 107 Licensed Drone Pilots